Dick 67I am a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Toronto who recently “retired” after 41 years of service. However, I remain active as a teacher and writer. I have focused my research since 2000 on three related topics: the experience of the democratic left in the Global South,  the relevance of social-democratic thinking to the reshaping of the neoliberal global order and the utility of a framework based on Karl Polanyi’s “double movement” for understanding counter-hegemonic struggles. I have conducted field work mainly in Africa, especially in Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius, and have also travelled widely in Latin America and Asia. I have published about 60 scholarly articles and chapters and 12 books, most recently Reinventing the Left in the Global South: the Politics of the Possible (Cambridge University Press, August 2014), Civilizing Globalization: A Survival Guide (SUNY Press, June 2014 – a co-edited, revised and expanded edition with Ali Burak Guven) and Social Democracy in the Global Periphery: Origins, Challenges, Prospects (Cambridge University Press, 2007 – co-author).

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